Know what happened when Ratan Tata got insulted

About Ratan Tata-

Ratan Navel Tata was born on 28th December 1937, Bombay, he was the chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Group.He has received two of the highest civilian awards of India - Padma Vibhushan (2008) and Padma Bhushan (2000).After being made the chairman of the Tata Group in year 1991, he started companies like
Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Tea, Tata Motors.

know what ratan tata did when he got insulted.

Know what Ratan Tata did when he got insulted

It was the time when Tata Group had launched the Indica car in the market.It was the dream project of Ratan Tata and they had worked very hard for the project.But not getting proper response from the market it turned out to be a loss making company. 

Due to the large losses made by the company the group decided to sell Tata Motors.To sell the company Ratan Tata along with his team went to the headquarters of Ford Company, America where the team got insulted by Bill Ford, chairman of Ford Company. Ratan Tata decided to drop the deal and returned to India.

Ratan Tata was not able to forget the insult which made him uncomfortable and then he decided not to sell his company to anyone.After studying the market demand Tata Motors under went many studies to re-design their cars. And within few years Tata Motors started to make profits.

Tata Motors Acquiring Jaguar and Land Rover

In 2008, while Tata Motors was doing good in the Indian market, Ford Company turned out to be loss making.At that time Ratan Tata offered Ford Comapany to buy their luxury car Jaguar and Land Rover. Bill Ford accepted Ratan Tata's offer and there and then Bill Ford along with his team came to India to meet Ratan Tata to sell their company.

Tata Motors will acquire Jaguar and Land Rover for Rs. 9300

After the meeting it was decided that Tata Motors will acquire Jaguar and Land Rover for INR 9300 crores.Today, Jaguar and Land Rover are part of Tata Motors and are profitable. Ratan Tata could have insulted Bill Ford in the meeting but it was his simplicity which didn't allow him to do so.

The lesson one should take from this story-
No matter how much wealthy or famous you become you should remain humble and your main focus should always be uplifting others.

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