How to convert an Idea into Startup

What an idea is?

Idea is nothing but viberation of thoughts. Ideas pass every now and then. Most of our thoughts are useless, having no benefit to anyone. This is because we are into an environment where there is more of negativity i.e negative thoughts, negative affirmations. To get productive ideas, one should distance oneself from the negative ones.

How do I convert an IDEA into a STARTUP ?

How do I convert an IDEA into a STARTUP ?

When you have an idea, make sure to research and study on both positives and negatives of it. Make a pragmatic plan before starting a venture. Focus on building a core team which is able to bring a specialised skillset on the table. You should focus on building a team whose mission is aligned to the same as that of yours.

Focus on PSP i.e Problem Solving Product. Your idea should be as such it focuses on solving a problem of the market. 

Few Tips for new Entrepreneurs

1) Focus on the technology. There should be a website or a mobile application depending upon the nature of the startup.There should be a proper functioning website atleast which is able to bring a clarity to the consumer about the service. Instead of marketing your brand in traditional way, one should adopt digital marketing where you can reach/target a larger audience.

2) You should learn how to manage the capital. You should never be capital deficit. 

3) Write your short term and long term goals on the paper. Fix particular dates for the accomplishment of particular goal. Work to achieve your goals on daily basis.

4) Once you are stable in a targeted place, you should start expanding. You should be a fast mover at that time. Also, you should focus on sustainibility.

5) One should focus on branding and should run the venture more as a community than a company.

There is a common question whether I should leave my job or study to undergo my venture/passion.

There is no need to quit your job or studies to undergo your venture. Because there might be two possibilities- first is that a venture may work, second is it could be a disaster. So, if you are planning to leave your job to start a venture then you might be in a trouble. Instead of leaving the job you should start your venture very small as a side hustle.

Starting small would not only help in analysing the consumer nature and market demand but also help you to understand whether you are able to provide an appropriate solution.

And once you start getting stable then you can quit your work to give full dedication to the venture.

A small message

Ideas that come to your mind can be implemented and taken to a successful venture. All matters is the proper execution.There should be more of execution than planning. You should stick to your idea if you have clarity in it. Be optimistic.
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