Navjyot Gurudutta - Celebrity Manager Who Is Ruling The Digital World

Navjyot Gurudutta owns a startup called Fame Managers. He and his team have worked for many firms and celebrities.

Their MOTO is simple to make people famous through an online platform and they are doing it successfully.

Before BOUNCING OFF make sure to read how he made his road to success despite his parents being against him in the early stage. (MUST READ)

Know who Navjyot Gurudatte is?

Navjyot Gurudatta is an Entrepreneur who works as a social media expert. He works with celebrities that make him popular as well. His social media work also helps him to socialize with big celebrities personally.

When asked about his experience while working as social media expert Navjyot says, "I’m working as a social media expert for a long time. I’ve designed many campaigns that help in brand building. This helps me established me as a social media expert as well as earn a good name in the entertainment industry.

Whenever I helped celebrities getting their profile verified, they support me by giving shout-outs among their followers. This makes me popular among celebrity fan base as well helps me socialize among celebrities. In addition, many other benefits that strengthen my career as a social media expert.

He manages celebrities accounts so that they get a good exposure on social media accounts in a more effective way. He also curates a campaign to help them reach the set target and solve their social media problem. His works make him popular both in India as well as overseas.

Navjyot Gurudutta Road to Roadies

He was a contestant of famous reality TV show MTV Roadies which was the turning point of his life where people started to Recognize Navjyot.

Navjyot Gurudutta Journey

In the starting stage when Navjyot Gurudatta started his career, his parents were not sure what he is doing because they were not aware of such things.

But by seeing Navjyot growth surely his parents are now feeling relaxed for their family business and Navjyot's personal business too.

Navjyot Gurudutta understands the Internet very well

Navjyot, who is now a successful name in the world of social media management, shared the importance of social media in establishing brand popularity.

While sharing his experiences Navjyot explained the importance of social media for brand building. According to him, the effective use of social media helps in establishing the business and its potential growth.

Brand awareness involves the creation of the content that will drag users attention, generate leads, increase brand visibility and make a strong follower base.

How Navjyot has helped People build a Personal Brand?  

Navjyot’s team manages 137+ Celebrity/Brand Clients at the moment but Navjyot & his team are targeting to hit 500+ Celebrity/Brand Clients mark this Year.

Navjyot has a dedicated team. Being an Entrepreneur he understands the importance of great team.

And he has been lucky by having a great team by him.

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