Rubson Ayobami Alabi - CEO of STARWISE Group

STARWISE Group is a registered company in Nigeria and China popularly known for entertainment. It was founded in 2013 by Mr Alabi Samson Ayobami also known as Rubson, a civil engineer, entertainer and a business tycoon.

STARWISE Group has rolled out plans for Nigerians seeking to further their educational pursuit outside the country with Starwise Study in China Programme.

Starwise Group has reinstated its commitment to using business to develop a friendly relationship between Nigerians and the people of China.

Business Success of STARWISE Group

STARWISE Group had set 5 divisions of the company over the years which are located in Jinzhou, China.

Starwise International Trade enhances and engages in the business between Nigeria and China, spanning exportation and importation logistics.

Starwise Investment helps young and emerging entrepreneurs who have viable ideas with the right connection, funding and platform to succeed.

Starwise Agriculture focuses squarely on investing in agricultural products such as cash crops, raw and processed food crops, and many more.

Speaking on its impact in the entertainment industry, Ayobami disclosed that the company had hosted events such s Reggae Parties, All White Parties, MMG Awards, Hype Night Party, Kiss Daniel Live in Concert China and others.

Starwise Charity has always focused on providing help and relief materials to various charity homes between Nigeria and China.

Success Story of Alabi Samson

Starwise Group
Rubson Ayobami Alabi

Alabi Samson has been appreciated for his work and received many awards too from many places like China than his home place Nigeria. He is young but getting awards like an experienced Business tycoon and why not when you are so energetic and visionary person.

Alabi Samson is a role model for many youngsters who want to achieve something in life you can learn many things from his short career. We wish Alabi Samson more success in life and also pray to god that he gets more energy to work hard so that his charity work also grows like his business.

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